Independent Minister and Celebrant

Wedding Celebrations

I am often asked if I will conduct weddings. The answer is a very definite "Yes"!

As a trained and experienced Minister I have been preparing couples for their "Big Day" over many years.

I believe that, with the right guidance and advice, every couple can achieve the Wedding Celebration they desire. I shall be delighted to talk to you about what you have in mind. I can offer as many suggestions for readings, symbolic acts and musical items as you wish.

Many couples prefer to write their own vows and promises and I can certainly help out with this. I can show you various forms of words that can provide inspiration - or you can simply use words that others have already found meaningful and expressive.

We can certainly do "contemporary" and "alternative". But following the tremendous interest shown in the very traditional Service of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, we can draw on the language and rites that have been cherished over several centuries. The choice is yours.

Legal Formalities

In England and Wales you will need to comply with the legal requirements first. This will be done in your local Register Office earlier the same day or a few days before your Ceremony. The whole thing takes no more than 10 minutes - you can turn up in jeans and t-shirts, with two witnesses. Rings won't need to be exchanged. Following this, you can have the Wedding you really want.


Do get in touch if you think I may be able to help you.

Andrew Bryant MA

Independent Minister and Celebrant

07906 758570